n., adj., & v.
1 a horizontal line or plane.
2 a height or value reached, a position on a real or imaginary scale (eye level; sugar level in the blood; danger level).
3 a social, moral, or intellectual standard.
4 a plane of rank or authority (discussions at Cabinet level).
5 a an instrument giving a line parallel to the plane of the horizon for testing whether things are horizontal. b Surveying an instrument for giving a horizontal line of sight.
6 a more or less level surface.
7 a flat tract of land.
1 having a flat and even surface; not bumpy.
2 horizontal; perpendicular to the plumb-line.
3 (often foll. by with) a on the same horizontal plane as something else. b having equality with something else. c (of a spoonful etc.) with the contents flat with the brim.
4 even, uniform, equable, or well-balanced in quality, style, temper, judgement, etc.
5 (of a race) having the leading competitors close together.
—v. (levelled, levelling; US leveled, leveling)
1 tr. make level, even, or uniform.
2 tr. (often foll. by to (or with) the ground, in the dust) raze or demolish.
3 tr. (also absol.) aim (a missile or gun).
4 tr. (also absol.; foll. by at, against) direct (an accusation, criticism, or satire).
5 tr. abolish (distinctions).
6 intr. (usu. foll. by with) sl. be frank or honest.
7 tr. place on the same level.
8 tr. (also absol.) Surveying ascertain differences in the height of (land).
Phrases and idioms:
do one's level best colloq. do one's utmost; make all possible efforts. find one's level
1 reach the right social, intellectual, etc. place in relation to others.
2 (of a liquid) reach the same height in receptacles or regions which communicate with each other. level crossing Brit. a crossing of a railway and a road, or two railways, at the same level. level down bring down to a standard. levelling-screw a screw for adjusting parts of a machine etc. to an exact level. level off make or become level or smooth. level out make or become level, remove differences from. level pegging Brit. equality of scores or achievements. level up bring up to a standard. on the level colloq. adv. honestly, without deception.
—adj. honest, truthful. on a level with
1 in the same horizontal plane as.
2 equal with.
levelly adv. levelness n.
Etymology: ME f. OF livel ult. f. L libella dimin. of libra scales, balance

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